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Information regarding Availability of Accommodation in Institute Guest House for New-Joining faculty members.
Established in 1961 as the Regional Engineering College, NIT Rourkela is one among the most respected technical institutes in the country. The activities include undergraduate and postgraduate education, research, consultancy, continuing education and service to the community. In its effort towards achieving the above objectives, the institute must interact with other institutions, industry and citizens. Unlike western countries, Indian cities do not possess a hospitality infrastructure that can support large scale travel. In addition, Government regulations restrict per diem at a level where it is impossible to find a reasonable accommodation in a commercial hotel. It is common practice in Indian institutes to create on-campus guest houses to host official guests.
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A guest house is not a hotel. It is a facility of the institute and its tariff is highly subsidized. Still, an attempt has been made to provide all essential services to the guests. While all steps are taken to ensure hygiene and comfort, frills such as persons to carry luggage, room service of meals, meals outside designated hours etc have been dispensed with. We have also tried to recover a good fraction of the expenses from the tariff collected.
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