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A guest house is not a hotel. It is a facility of the institute and its tariff is highly subsidized. Still, an attempt has been made to provide all essential services to the guests. While all steps are taken to ensure hygiene and comfort, frills such as persons to carry luggage, room service of meals, meals outside designated hours etc have been dispensed with. We have also tried to recover a reasonable fraction of the expenses from the tariff collected.
  Rooms and other facilities can be booked by any member of the Institute faculty or staff for any person visiting the institute in official capacity or for their own friends and relatives. Research students who have taken withdrawal as well as QIP students may book rooms for themselves while visiting the Institutes. Students may book rooms for their parents or guardians visiting the Institute, but need concurrence of their faculty or thesis advisor. The office of Dean (AR) shall book rooms for alumni visiting the Institute from other cities or for relatives of alumni living in Rourkela. In addition, persons visiting the institute frequently may register as “Miscellaneous User” and, if permitted by PIC-Guest House, may book rooms in their own capacity.